Coco peat


Coco peat is made up of coconut fibre which is obtained from the husk of the coconut. Coconut fibre is washed, dried and crushed to form coco peat. Coco peat has high moisture retaining properties and is pH neutral. These properties make is very suitable to use in in a mixture of soil compost for nurseries and general gardening needs. Coco peat has high cellulose and lignin content and great to grow mushrooms.

Wholesale suppliers of Coco peat in the UK


Our coco peat is sourced in India where the quality of peat and yield is excellent. We procure our coco peat in advance to give ample time for the peat to mature and be rid of any organic matter that can cause competition to plants.


We make sure our coco peat is processed to high standards with a low EC to help with plant germination and growth. We supply coco peat to all nurseries, garden centres, salad, cucumber, strawberry growers all over UK.


One of the most prominent organic fibres these days are coir fibre derived from the coconut husks. India is also the third largest producer of coconut on the global market, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. No doubt that India produces high quality coir fibre and adds to the benefit of this sector. The tropical climate favours the growth of this tree and hence to the production of coir fibre. This fibre has loads of advantages and numerous number of products can be extracted from this indigenous component. With the advent of mankind, man has understood the value of the coconut tree which offers all its composites to good use.


Coco peat increases the porosity of the potting mix. This helps to keep the soil loose and airy helping in better root growth. Better root growth results in better plant growth and higher yield.


Coco peat increases the water holding capacity of the potting mix even as it increases the porosity of the soil. This ensures that the plant does not suffer from overwatering or under watering.


High porosity, high water holding capacity and high cation exchange capacity together mean that the quantity of coco peat required per plant can be very less.


Coco peat has excellent properties that make it a very forgiving hydroponic (soilless) medium. Being an organic medium it has high Cation Exchange Capacity allowing nutrients to be absorbed and released to the plants according to their need.


Unlike peat, coco peat is easy to rewet. Dry coco peat is very hydrophilic and quickly absorbs water making it easy to use.


Unlike inorganic medium such as perlite, vermiculite or rockwool, coco peat can be compressed to one fifth or less of its volume reducing transportation, storage and handling costs.


Coco peat is a renewable media. It is extracted from the husk of coconuts. What used to be a waste product just a couple of decades ago is now one of the thrust areas for export for the Coir Board of India.


Coco peat contains natural Trichoderma which acts as a Bio agent against harmful pathogens. It provides a great environment for beneficial fungi and bacteria to grow.


Coco peat can be pressed into a variety of shapes and sizes to suit all growing applications.


Coco peat mixed with coconut husk chips provides all the advantages of coco peat while increasing the drainage of the mix.