Bio PetBed Crumbles


Bio Pet Bed Crumbles is 100% Eco friendly, completely Biodegradable and Compostable. It is made of coconut husk (coir), a 100 percent organic, renewable and sustainable resource. A perfect pet bed soil. Bio pet bed crumbles is an eco-bedding natural pet bedding and litter for small animals reptile & small animal bedding. Its natural coconut husk fiber reptile substrate and small animal bedding is super absorbent with amazing, unbeatable odor elimination. It is best eco-bedding natural pet bedding and litter for reptile’s, tortoise, lizards, chameleons, bearded dragon, spiders, snakes, rabbits and similar pets. Bio Pet Bed Crumbles is all natural and pet safe a non-toxic, and have no chemicals, with no fragrances or anything harmful a byproduct. It is mould and mildew in resistance. This is ideal for humid and arid environments long lasting and compostable. It provide naturalistic look for pet enclosures and terrariums. It is Ideal for egg incubation and Holds moisture. Bio pet bed crumbles is pet safe and has a soft, earth-like texture that pets instinctually prefer.

  • Reptile & Small Animal Bedding.
  • Unbeatable Odour Elimination Non-Toxic, No Chemicals, No Fragrances Mould And Mildew Resistance Ideal For Humid And Arid Environments Long Lasting And Compostable.
  • Add 500ml of warm water to moisten and expand the media
  • Soak for 30 mins and mix. For best results soak overnight.
  • Unbeatable odour elimination, Non-toxic, no chemicals, no fragrances.
  • Mold and mildew resistant. Ideal for humid and arid environments.
  • Long lasting and compostable.
  • Available Size : 150 Grams, 650 Grams, 5Kg
  • Available Color : Brown