Coir Bird Nest


Coir bird nest are made from natural coconut shell and fibers, it is a great alternative to synthetic fibers and completely chemical-free. Coir (coconut fiber), the fiber processed from coconut husks. It is a renewable natural by-product. It’s a natural product that has multiple uses. Coir fiber is excellent to build bird nests and use as mulch, in upholstery. Natural Coconut Fiber for Bird Nest Coco bed nest material used for nest building and hiding out. It is made of 100 percent sterilized natural coconut fiber used as bedding material for all small birds and small animals. Natural looking nest for small pet bird made of natural soft coconut husk fiber. This material is ideal for nest building by small birds such as finches, canaries and budgies. Good for small birds for breeding, laying eggs, hatching etc.

  • Nest can be hung anywhere with a hook.
  • Looks great for garden decoration.

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  • Available Size : SINGLE MICRO - 120
  • Height : 40 cm
  • Width : 15 cm 
  • Entrance Width : 7.5 cm