Coconut Coir Fibre Coco Pole Plant Support stake wood base Indoor Outdoor plants creepers 3 Feet


Coco poles are made of coconut coir fiber sheets.A mesh around the coir helps protect the fibre by keeping it in place giving our coco poles longer life. This is not provided by other coco pole suppliers. Our quality is great as the coco poles last for over 2 years!
It is an ideal support for creepers, ornamental plants & vegetables. It is one of the best organic growing media support.

  • Weight : 150Gr.
  • Coco poles are made of coconut coir fiber sheets.
  • Coco poles being porous, helps the plant to develop many tiny roots throughout its surface.
  • Coco poles acts as a support stick and promotes plant growth.
  • Coco poles are strong, water retaining and durable as well as blend in with the plant so the plant is more aesthetically pleasing to look at and well supported.
  •  These plant support poles are natural and made from a renewable resource giving it green credentials
  • Available Size: 1m (3 Feet) X 1 Stake
  • Available Color: Brown
  • Material: Coconut Coir