Coconut Coir Pots 4 inch x pack of 5


Coco-coir pots are made up of the coconut hull that is derived from the fibrous body between the husk and the coconut. Coir Pots are Eco friendly, 100% biodegradable, natural and organic. Coir Pot is a biodegradable cultivation pot made of coconut plant fibers. Coco pots are great for roots aeration. These coconut coir pots are more sustainable alternative to peat pots. These are manufactured by making use of natural coir fiber, which has enabled it to retain the maximum amount of water. They hold up longer and stay moist longer after watering than peat pots do. It is widely used for horticulture, in ornamental plant, vine and tree nurseries, as well as for the domestic gardening market. These biodegradable pots are an excellent growing medium because plants can be transplanted into the pot itself. Coco-coir pots have an exceptionally high permeability to water; air and roots. As coco pots are great for roots aeration they are sturdy on the tray and easy to transplant when you start off with our seeder pots. Unlike peat pots, the roots can easily make their way through the fibers so you can plant the whole pot in the ground. The coir pots break down naturally in the soil, which minimizes root disturbance at the time of planting. Coir Pot is used by those looking for faster cultivation, an excellent root system and re-establishment without any shock from transplanting. We have developed this product by making use of high-grade raw material and in compliance with the set industry quality standards. Our esteemed clients can avail these products from us in various shapes and sizes.

  • Perfect for planting directly into the soil or larger pots.
  • Minimal root disturbance promotes stronger, healthier plants.
  • Peat free - Made from biodegradable coconut fibre.
  • Best potting container for root aeration.

Available Sizes: 

  • Seeding cup
  • 4" pot
Available pack quantity: As per customer requirement.