Rectangle Mulch Edging


Siri Depot Rectangle coir mulch helps suppress weeds and conserves soil moisture; 100% organic, biodegradable and renewable. Some gardeners dislike plastic mulches, but want something more permanent and more effective than bark mulch. This Rectangle coir mulch edging is made of coco fibers bonded with natural latex rubber. Anchored at the edges with Earth Staples, sold separately, they can be mowed over and no trimmer needed. Coco fiber edging stops weeds better than bark mulch. Rectangle coir mulch is light weight and easy to work with. It is permeable to water, air and nutrients. Ideal for edging flower beds, drives and walkways. It is made of woven coconut fibers and natural latex.

SiriDepot rectangular mulch edging can be used to lay perfectly straight borders or gentle curves as scatter proof mulch. It comes in convenient size. Coir mulch is perfect for raised beds, walkways or foundation plantings. Suppress weeds from growing and makes a well-defined edge and a perfect mowing strip. Rectangle coir edges made out of natural coco fiber bonded with natural latex. Affordably increase curb appeal and prevents lawn, weeds and other unwanted elements from growing into flower beds. Coco coir rectangle mulch edge is relatively inexpensive and easy to handle, so it seemed like the best option.

  • Lightweight and easy to work with. 
  • Permeable to water, air and nutrients. 
  • Lasts season after season. 
  • Can be used alone, or covered with mulch for a classic look. 
  • Ideal for edging flower beds, drives and walkways.
  • Available Sizes : As per customer requirements.
  • Available Color Brown