Creep is a phenomenon whereby the compressed cocopeat particles loses its elasticity thereby not expanding fully when watered

Creep results in loss of air porosity, loss of water holding capacity and also loss of volume resulting in loss of value of the coco peat. The loss of volume can easily go up to 50% of the original volume, which means that what was originally intended for N pots would now be sufficient only for N/2 pots.


Creep increases as the compressed coco peat block ages. By the beginning of the third month, the creep will increase noticeably and by the sixth month will be much pronounced. Hence if coco peat is to be stored for more than three months, it is preferred to store it in the expanded powder form.

Hence it is always better to buy freshly pressed coco peat over cocopeat that has been stocked for a few months. Creep not only results in loss of volume and quality, it also makes it very cumbersome to expand the cocopeat, especially if the coco peat block has more fiber in it.