Coir Rolls

Coir Rolls

This roll of liner is made from long-lasting coco fibre with a latex coating in order to provide an attractive and natural lining for baskets, troughs and mange or hayrack planters with these replacement liner rolls. Extra thick coconut coir liner rolls each coco liner roll measures 1 meter width with varying lengths available. Coco fiber rolls are a great alternative to peat moss and feature a neutral pH, anti-fungal properties, moisture capacity up to eight times their weight, and the presence of phosphorus and potassium salts in the liner shell. The fibrous nature of the material is also porous, allowing for optimal airflow and drainage to foster healthy roots and plant growth. Great growing medium to create inserts for hanging baskets, window box cages, troughs or hayrack planters.  Coir fiber is easy to cut and form to fit most any outdoor planting container. The roll allows you to cut to size for a perfect fit in unusual or larger planters, standard shaped planters and on the ground.

coir trough liner

Coir rolls are 100% natural and bio-degradable. Coco fiber construction helps create a tidy bed for soil or mulch. Brown color enhances your plants and helps keep your existing planter beautiful & functional with this coco liner sheet. Coconut coir makes a lovely and efficient liner. Each coco liner roll is derived from the fibrous material found between a coconut's outer husk and milky center, making it a naturally breathable home for healthy plant roots. Adding coco liner to your hanging basket or metal planter not only contrasts the frame; It can also help you create a fantastic bed of soil for your herbs or flowers. This generous, coir roll may be cut to fit your particular planter, providing plenty of versatility. Its natural fibers overlap for keeping soil tidy in your planter, while still allowing excess water to drain. The piece can replace up to 3 liners for 14" Diameter hanging baskets, or be used in a trough style planter up to 30" Long. Refresh & maintain your existing basket with this coco liner sheet.

coir roll liner basket

Long roll heavy-duty coco fiber. The coco liner is made of nature coconut fiber. It is durable nature coco fiber liner for use and coconut liners liner keeps moisture inside the planter basket, reducing watering time. The coconut liners hanging basket can be adjusted according to the size of your basket.  Coir rolls liners suitable for home garden wedding decoration, giving you the original ecological visual enjoyment. Start by cutting the liner to an approximate size, overlapping if necessary; then add soil and your plants. Well established coir rolls will provide immediate wildlife habitat, improvements to site biodiversity and ecology, encouraging flora and fauna into the area – the plants encourage butterflies and dragonflies and water voles particularly like coir rolls. Holds in moisture and allows for good drainage and air circulation.

coir roll

Get coco fiber rolls to line new container gardens, or just keep a 4 or 8-foot coco liner roll on hand for easy replacement of worn or damaged inserts. Throughout the season, gardeners notice that use of a coco fiber growing medium has greater durability than peat moss or other green mats. The nature of the coir material is robust and ours is approximately 1/2" thick making for superior longevity. Not to mention, purchasing the material in rolls gives the gardener freedom to create whatever size and shape is right for each project. Simply use a utility knife to cut, and then press coco fiber rolls into the desired shape for ready-made planter lining.

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